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Telemedicine and Wound Care is a fusing technology with healthcare, telemedicine transforms wound care. Fundamentals of telemedicine, platform use, methods for remote evaluation, and approaches to remote wound monitoring and management are all covered in these sessions. The topics of conversation include including patients in their treatment process, resolving difficult wound situations remotely, and providing collaborative care through teleconsultations. Aspects of law and regulation are examined, particularly as they relate to licensure and reimbursement. In addition to interactive seminars and research sessions, the impact of telemedicine on marginalized populations, upcoming trends, and innovations are addressed. The seminar provides a broad perspective, enabling medical practitioners to successfully navigate the changing telemedicine landscape in wound care.

  • Telemedicine Technologies and Platforms
  • Remote Wound Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Teleconsultation and Collaborative Care
  • Telemedicine in Complex Wound Cases
  • Telemedicine in Rural and Underserved Areas
  • Future Trends and Innovations
  • Research and Evidence-Based Practice