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What happens to my paper? Will you publish it?

Full papers will be published on the Annex Global Conferences website as conference proceedings, unless authors indicate otherwise in their submission of their full paper.
These are not peer reviewed.
Participants must present their work to have it published in the conference proceedings.

How can I become an exhibitor?

The Annex Global Conference offers a wide range of exhibitor and sponsorship possibilities!
Please visit the Sponsor & Exhibit page for exhibitor information.
The email address is another way to reach Fred Comparator.

Will I receive verification of my registration for a conference?

Once's you completed your registration You will receive a confirmation email indicating your registration has been received by Annex Global conferences.

Is it possible to transfer my registration if I am unable to attend?

A request to transfer registrations may be transferred to another employee.
Check out the terms and conditions area for registration to view the details of ticket transfers.

Does the conference offer virtual attendance as an option if I am unable to attend in person?

Yes, for 2025 we are offering a Virtual Conference Registration as an option for our members.

Guidelines for E-Poster:

Design your e-poster in portrait orientation.
Include essential information in a single slide.
Ensure readability and clarity of all elements.
Submit your e-poster in PDF format before the deadline.

Guidelines for Poster Presentation:

Follow specifications for poster size and content.
Keep text minimal and emphasize graphics.
Hand-carry your poster to the conference.
Be present during your assigned poster session to discuss your work.

Guidelines for Video Presentation:

Create engaging, narrated presentations that highlight key points.
Format your video in .mp4 and ensure technical requirements are met.
Review your video for quality and clarity before submission.

Guidelines for Preparing PowerPoint Slides:

Keep visuals simple and easy to understand.
Ensure readability for all attendees, regardless of device.
Utilize conference-provided equipment for presentations.

Guidelines for Speaker Presentation:

Confirm presentation details with the Conference Organizer.
Submit a brief speaker biography.
Arrange your own travel.
Submit your final presentation slides at least 10 days before the conference.
Stick to your allotted time and inform the audience of any deviations from the agenda.
Avoid inappropriate content and humor.
Be mindful of your diverse audience.
Check in with the session moderator before your presentation.
Arrive at least 15 minutes early for setup.

Content for Presentation:

Download all presentation materials to your device for smooth sharing.
Less is often more; prioritize key points over excessive information.
Use graphics to enhance understanding and engagement.
Simplify language for text-dense slides.
opt for high contrast colors for better readability.
Respect copyright laws; only use materials you have permission to use.

Content for Sharing:

Ensure your computer workspace is clean before sharing content.
Only share necessary materials, as everything you share will be seen by the audience.
Use the ``Share entire desktop`` option for PowerPoint/Keynote presentations.
Remember to enable ``Share computer audio`` for multimedia content with audio.
Double-check for any private or confidential information that could accidentally be shared.

What are the Guidelines for Speaking Tips:

Speak clearly and at an audible volume.
Maintain a steady pace throughout your presentation.
Keep your energy levels high to engage the audience.
When possible, address the camera directly instead of looking at the screen.
Minimize hand gestures and movements, and avoid touching your face or leaning into the camera.

What is included in my registration fee?

The registration cost covers conference materials, receptions, meals, and breaks as outlined in the schedule, and it grants access to all events and functions throughout the event.

Is a group discount available?

Yes, group discount is available in registration pricing.

Can I register in person at the event?

Sure, registrations are accepted on-site.
However, in order to get important conference information and to benefit from pre-conference networking possibilities made available to registered attendees via the My Conference attendee portal, we strongly advise you to register as soon as possible.

Will there be certificates?

This year, the only certifications we will offer are presentation ones.
After the event, emails will be sent out with information on how to get those.

Is there a dress code?

For this event, we recommend dressing in business casual.
It is advised that you wear clothing that fits well, and don't forget to pack a jacket or sweater for the exhibit hall and air-conditioned theater.

When will the conference begin each day?

The conference will begin each day at 09:00 am GST.
Visit the Annex global Conferences for the most up to date information on session topics and schedule.
All sessions are listed in Gulf Standard time.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.


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