Marina Guryleva

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Title: Mistakes in the planning of dissertation research by graduate students in clinical departments

Report:┬áThe postgraduate specialist training program contains a scientific component (in-house research, preparation of publications based on the results, certification based on its results). The success of the work depends on how it is planned from a scientific, legal and ethical perspective. It is mandatory to publish the results of the conducted research in peer-reviewed scientific publications or in scientific publications indexed in international databases. The Ethics Committee of a scientific organization that trains a specialist in graduate school is obliged to conduct an ethical examination of scientific projects and ensure to the public that the author’s research meets ethical standards and does not violate the law.
The purpose of the work: to analyze the quality of the packages of documents for planned research submitted by graduate students of KSMU to the ethics committee of the university in 2019-2022. 260 papers were analyzed, of which 70 had no comments, 138 had errors that were eliminated without changing the design of the work, 52 required significant revision, 5 researchers applied after completing the study, 1 project was not approved. The work done revealed defects in the planning of research work, the analysis of which was carried out. The main comments concerned the justification of the number of study participants, the formation of comparison groups, the writing of a protocol and a sheet of informed consent of the patient to participate in the study, knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation. The author examines in detail the situations when and from whom consent to medical intervention should be obtained based on current international and ethical documents. According to the shortcomings presented, recommendations are presented, which, in the author’s opinion, will be useful both for researchers and for their supervisors and will serve to improve the quality of the planned work.


Marina Guryleva works at Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russian Federation.

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