Maria Angelica Veiga

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TITLE: Title: Association Between Appropriate Prenatal Control Andmaternal Factors in Women Attended in the Mother Infantil Hospital Ramon Sard During the Year 2018-2019

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the partnership between compliance with proper Prenatal Control and some maternal factors.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Analytical design, cross-sectional in 340 women. A prenatal card and a closed survey were used to obtain precocity, periodicity, and completeness information in women who took their immediate postpartum during May 2018- February 2019. Variables: Appropriate Prenatal Control, Maternal Age, Parity, Educational Level, and Place of Residence.

RESULTS: Of 340 women, 19.12% had adequate prenatal care. 30.88% managed to start early; 60.59% were periodic and 39.12% was complete. 29.70% did not meet any of the 3 requirements. We do not find a significant difference for proper prenatal monitoring and parity, observing an OR-0.65; IC95%: 0.37-1.12, either with maternal age, with an OR 0.84; IC95%: 0.38-1.81, as well as the instruction level with an OR-0.59; IC95%: 1.17-2.02. For the place of residence, we find an OR 3, 03; IC95%: 1.73-5.32 giving statistically significant.

CONCLUSION: The percentage of women who meet the requirements for adequate prenatal care is significantly low. There is a pending debt with 101 (29.70%) who did not meet or fail to meet any requirement, considering that health care during pregnancy is a good example of preventive medicine in the perinatal field.


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