Husna Wali

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Title: “Association of diet with abdominal obesity”

The aim of the current study was to investigate dietary association with
abdominal obesity. A qualitative research study was followed in this study. A total of 200 housewives between the age group of 25 to 40 were enrolled in the study as the sample. A proper questionnaire was developed prior to conduction of research study. The data for the study was collected using a validated food frequency questionnaire approved by the supervisor of the project.The results indicated waist to hip ratio for most of the respondents i.e., 56 percent was high i.e., 0.85 and above meaning that most of the respondents
were having abdominal obesity. Body Mass Index results indicated that most of the respondents i.e., 55.71 percent of the total respondents were overweight. Most of the respondents i.e., 45.71 were having very high levels of visceral fats, while most of the respondents i.e., 67 percent were involved in moderate physical activity.

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