Dr.Ehsan Kamani

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TITLE: The end of method low-level laser in children’s burn repair

Today, with the advancement of medical laser science, it plays an important role in all branches of medical science the important issue in the healing of children’s wounds and burns is that the previous laser methods hurt the child severely due to the aggressive effect or even required anesthesia. With the new method of non-invasive lasers, these problems have been solved, and the child can go through the treatment procedures completely without pain and without a caregiver. In this new method, we work with a wavelength of 450 to 910 nm with a power range of 50 to 200 milliwatts. This treatment method will require continuous sessions and it will not be done monthly due to tissue destruction as in the past.
The advantages of this new method are:
No age limit
No side effects of burns and redness
No need for anesthesia
No need for special care and completely painless


Dr.Ehsan Kamani ,Born in 1994 in Arak, Iran. Has a bachelor’s degree in laser and a doctorate in health research. I have been working in the field of medical laser for several years. He was one of the first researchers to publish an article on laser corona treatment My important activities: Author of 3 books on medical laser and specialized activity in laser application, wounds, burns, blood cells, cancer and internal diseases

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