Dalila Elvia Bermudez Bailon

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Title: Protective measures issued in time of pandemic to control physical and psychological violence

The purpose of this study was to find out what is the effectiveness of the protection measures issued to control physical and psychological violence against the users of the Ombudsman’s Office in Alto Trujillo, in times of a pandemic. A non-experimental, qualitative phenomeno logical study was carried out, since with this method it was possible to describe the perceived subject, in this case the users of the Defensoría de la Mujer-Alto Trujillo, recognizing and validating the knowledge, as well as the description of the phenomenon insofar as the subject describes the lived experience and the meaning it had, how he experienced it and how he interpreted it. The population was made up of 10 users of the Women’s Ombudsman’s Office, considering only those users who were present at the time of applying the in-depth interview and who had their protection measures, the in-depth interview on the effectivenesof the measures was used as an instrument. protection measures. The results showed that the protection measures did not guarantee the protection stipulated in these, since most of the aggressors did not comply with the restrictions imposed by the judge, evidencing that the interviewees continue to suffer physical abuse such as pulling their hair, slapping, kicking , etc. as well as aggressions or psychological violence such as insults, offenses and humiliations.


Dalila Elvia Bermudez Bailon, was born on April 9, 1995, in the district of Huamachuco, land of history and bravery in the department of La Libertad – Peru. From a very young age, service activities caught her attention, which is why she decided to study Psychology, achieving a degree in Psychology. To begin her work experience in 2018, she registered as a professional volunteer at the Alto Trujillo Women’s Ombudsman’s Office, where it allowed her to guide and contribute to the well-being of vulnerable women, which is why she was motivated to study a Master’s degree in intervention. in violence against women. Currently she works in various projects against violence against women in different departments of the country, with different NGOs, she continues to learn and train.

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