Belen Morales Franco

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Title: Acute pancreatitis and urinary infection complicated with diabetic ketoacidosis

Acute pancreatitis has a growing incidence and is one of the abdominal inflammatory processes that most frequently requires hospitalization. Likewise, urinary tract infections are a frequent problem and constitute one of the most common infectious diseases worldwide, being one of the firstcauses of morbidity, constituting the second cause of infection, after respiratory infections. In acute pancreatitis, elevated blood glucose above 200 mg/dl is a single criterion of severity and is sufficient to differentiate between severe and mild cases. The appearance of Diabetes Mellitus has also been described as a late consequence, after acute pancreatitis. In this case, the patient was diagnosed with diabetic onset with metabolic acidosis in the context of obesity, severe hyperlipidemia, acute pancreatitis, and urinary tract infection.


Belen Morales Franco works at Hospital de la Vega Lorenzo Guirao in Spain.

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