Massimo Piracci

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Massimo Piracci completed his MBBS from Roma Tor Vergata, Italy in 1992 and subsequently received his MD in Orthopedic and Traumatology from the same University in 1999. He was trained in Orthopedic Surgery in Roma Saint Eugenio Hospital and in Latina Santa Maria Goretti Hospital. From 2003 was HOD in Orthopedic and Traumatology Department in Roma Clinic Annunziatella where he did more than 10.000 surgery. He was also Football Referee for FIGC for 15 years and also external orthopedic consultant for different football team. From 2014 in UAE. He uses the most advanced technologies and biological implant (PRP, Stamina cells, Ozone Therapy) and mini invasive surgery of hip head. He treats the most of orthopedic pathology for children and adults, the most of minor and major trauma, and sport injury with advanced mini invasive technique. For low back pain he uses the treatment with Ozone therapy that resolve the pain giving back a normal life to the patient. He was the HOD of Orthopedic department in Czech Rehabilitaton Hospital in Al Ain and HOD of Regenerative and Sport Medice in Adam Vital Hospital in Dubai. Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon in Saudi German Hospital in Dubai. Consultant Orthopedic surgeon in Emirates Hospital Group Actually, he is Consultant Orthopedic surgeon, Regenerative Medicine and Sport Medicine in Medcare Orthopedic Spinal Hospital Dubai where He performed 1 st artificial ligament for Knee with LARS and implant of Hyalofast scaffold with transplant of stem cell and PRP. Speaker well known in many Nation and International Conference and publishing.

Areas of Expertise

Arthroscopy knee, shoulder and ankle, Reconstructive surgery, Trauma upper and lower limbs, Arthroplasty Knee and Hip, ozone therapy; sports injury, Treatment of osteoporosis, Pediatric Orthopedic, Mini invasive spine surgery, Biological treatment: stem cell therapy/MSC, cytokines-Goldic/Germany; PRP, Lipogems (pre-MSC)

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